This guide is designed to be easily read and followed for the most simplistic and user-friendly experience. This is designed for the non-expert bloggers who need a guide that will seriously walk you through the motions in detail one step at a time so that by the end everything will work right.

In order for this guide to work you will need the following:

  • A Blogger Blog Account
  • A WordPress Blog Account
  • A Google Account
  1. Open your internet browser and navigate to
  2. Sign into your wordpress account (or create one if you do not have an existing account).
  3. At the top of your screen you will see 5 tabs including: Write, MANAGE, Design, Comments, and Upgrades. CLICK MANAGE.
  4. Below those 5 tabs 9 sub-category tabs will appear. CLICK IMPORT (far right).
  5. A new main page will open with Import options. 5 Blogs are available for import, including BLOGGER, which is the first listed. CLICK BLOGGER.
  6. You are required to have a google account and an upgraded blog hosted on or a custom domain (FTPs do not count as a custom domain).
  7. Sign into your blogger account and let blogger know that you are allowing wordpress access to your blogger account. To do this go to the management area and CLICK SETTINGS. Under the settings Tab there are 9 sub-category tabs. CLICK PERMISSIONS on the far right sub-category tab. Designate EVERYBODY or ONLY PEOPLE I CHOOSE and include your wordpress account email & gmail account email.
  8. You will now be sent back to wordpress, CLICK AUTHORIZE

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. If this guide works well for you please let us know with a simple “it worked!” etc.

Written by: Alex Parshall